Shaping the future of
personalized digital Medicine

Using customized digital medical solution and globally diverse medical database to empower patrons to advance healthcare.

Bring Medical Data To The Next Level

Store, share, compute and analyse medical data in a highly secure environment. Convert research into certified medical products and applications.

Our Services

We offer several pre-built tools on the PAICON ECOSYSTEM to support you in creating individual solutions. We provide a wide variety of services for different digital healthcare domains.

Hospitals and Private Practices

  • Contribute towards data democratization
  • Cloud medical data back-up
  • Secure platform for tumour board and 2nd Opinion
  • Integrated clinical trial management

Research Institutes, Start-ups

  • Contribute towards data democratization
  • Data storage with high performance computing
  • GDPR compliant secure collaboration platform
  • Bringing science to market with structured process as SaMD (Software as a Medical Device)

Pharma and MedTech Industry

  • Access to anonymized data for medical insights
  • Connection to hospitals and research centres to develop medical AI algorithms

Healthcare and Medical NGO’s

  • Fair data participation for future medical AI/ML algorithms
  • Medical platform for 2nd Opinion
  • Interactive medical teaching platform

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to overcome the key procedural challenge, of transferring scientific and medical data insights to the ultimate and broadly accessible benefit of patients worldwide, with seamless integration.


Modular Solutions

Customised solutions for data management needs of start-up BioTechs, researchers and medical professionals.

Global Partnerships

With our extensive network of key-opinion leaders all around the world, we have access to multitudes of expertise for digitalization in healthcare.

Ethical Data Harmonization

PAICON helps in creating diverse medical datasets to obtain relevant insights for the population.

Support Innovation

We help your scientific idea become a reality of - software as a medical device, with GDPR compliant cloud platform.