A Promising


At PAICON we put healthcare first.

We want to push the boundaries of the healthcare and diagnostic sector by harnessing the power of machine learning and cloud computing. We believe that digital health solutions will truly be an entirely new way to empower doctors and patients. That will be the key force behind the transformation of healthcare. We are excited to build on our vision with our enthusiastic team- which is the core of our company.

We are a startup where everyone has a place to put ideas on the table. Our PAICON mantra is to have fun while you “grow” with our company!

In PAICON, “growth” | sparks with curiosity & passion | starts with initiative & innovation | prospers with teamwork & communication.

Current Open Positions

Great Working Environment

Supporting Your Growth

We want to prioritize your personal and professional growth: let's define together your goals and development opportunities at PAICON

Supporting Efficiency

Your efficiency should not be hampered due to lack of equipment- we provide you with all the necessities to show your full potential

Innovation And Growth

We are an open-minded and motivated team that collaborates to achieve innovation. As a start-up, there is plenty scope for growth and taking on responsibility.

Collaborative work Environment

Join us for a drink and spend quality time with the team - we believe innovative ideas are crafted best with joint efforts!