Insights on Keynote Lecture at EuroSTEMPeers 2023

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  • calendarJune 15, 2023

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Keynote Speaker at EuroSTEMPeers

Dr. Manasi Aichmüller-Ratnaparkhe, co-founder of PAICON, was a featured speaker at EuroSTEMPeers on 3 June 2023, which is an influential conference hosted by the European chapter of the global non-profit organization STEMPeers. This event connects early-stage STEM researchers with seasoned professionals to explore various career pathways, including in academia, industry, and entrepreneurship.

Talk about Data Science - Digital Health

Dr. Manasi A., with her extensive background in cancer genetics from the DKFZ German Cancer Research Center in Germany and her entrepreneurial success in digital health, brought a wealth of knowledge and insights to the conference. Her talk on “Data Science – Digital Health” highlighted PAICON’s innovative approach to healthcare solutions, emphasizing the importance of data-driven diagnostics and patient-centric care.

Her participation in EuroSTEMPeers 2023 not only underscored PAICON’s commitment to innovation in healthcare through data-driven solutions but also demonstratred our ongoing engagement with the global scientific and medical communities to promote the development of next-generation healthcare technologies.

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