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Medical Appstore

Powerful Solutions for Your Medical and Scientific Needs

One-click solution for medical software to ease your work life

-Digital Pathology
- Electronic Lab-book
… and many more to follow

Your software innovation on our platform. Make your software reachable to the right audience.

-AI algorithms for digital radiology or pathology
- Medical image viewer
- Bioinformatics workflow
…. no boundaries for your innovation

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Data Diversity

Help us and our global collaborators to create unbiased
medical datasets representing the world’s population

Contribute to Diversity

Benefit from sharing your data in multiple ways. Interested? Contact us now.

Benefit from Diversity

Make your solutions more robust by including truly diverse data.

Cloud Infrastructure

Tailored secure cloud infrastructure solutions to fulfil your needs

Be Independent of hardware maintenance and scalability limits

A georedundant GDPR compliant cloud located in Germany


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the cloud infrastructure solutions include?

Our cloud infrastructure gives you the opportunity to build your own computer in the cloud whether you are a small research group or big institute. Customize CPU, GPU, RAM and storage size according to your needs.

2. How does the one-click solution in the Medical Appstore work?

All our software is built with easy setup in mind. Leave installation and configuration to us. We might ask for your desired domain or need an email address, but that’s it. Be production-ready in minutes.

3. How can I add my software in the Medical Appstore?

We endorse clear and structured deployment procedures. That is why we rely on well known and commonly used technologies, such as Docker or TerraForm. We will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the the process. Contact us for more information.

4. How can I contribute to data diversity?

We are very happy that you consider contributing data. Lets us help you along the way. We have a standardized procedure in place making your data count. Contact us for more information.

5. Why is data diversity important?

Medical data should not be selective nor limited by boundaries or borders . We aim to provide research data reflecting mankind in all its diverse genetic and epigenetic traits. Only when we incorporate such a diverse set of data for analysis and further research and development, we can truly make a global impact.

6. How does PAICON implement GDPR compliance?

Data security is not just a buzz-word to us, it is our guideline and deep conviction, especially when handling medical data. To meet this requirement, we operate our infrastructure in georedudant server centers with ISO 27001 certification located in Germany under German jurisdiction. The US Cloud Act of 2019 does not apply to us, so you can be sure your data is not accessed by third party.